Envoy Casino

Envoy is an innovative bank transfer service that allows you to make an international bank transfer at a fraction of the cost you would incur if you send it by an offline service. Envoy pulls this off by conducting each overseas transaction as if it were a local transaction. Let us say that I need to transfer funds from Australia to Gibraltar. What Envoy does is it sends funds on your behalf from Gibraltar and then debits the corresponding amount money to its accounts in Australia. It essentially acts as a go-between these two countries.

Not only does Envoy reduce the costs incurred when transferring money internationally, it also reduces the time. A regular cross-country bank transfer has to cross several international electronic check-posts before being authenticated. Because each international transaction is simulated as a local one, the time it takes to make a transfer is substantially reduced. The company currently puts two hundred payments services at your disposal. It also offers specialized corporate payment services for small to mid-sized companies. The people that benefit the most from Envoy’s services, however, are Casino.com players who frequently use this payment method to withdraw or deposit money to and from their bank accounts. Envoy gives them a cheap way to carry out business with our casino client.